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Use this generic to override waldo's default comparison if you need to override the defaults (typically because your object stores data in an external pointer).

waldo comes with methods for a few common cases:

  • data.table: the .internal.selfref and index attributes are set to NULL. Both attributes are used for performance optimisation, and don't affect the data.

  • xml2::xml_node: the underlying XML data is stored in memory in C, behind an external pointer, so the we best can do is to convert the object to a string.

  • Classes from the RProtoBuf package: like XML objects, these store data in memory in C++ and only expose string names to R. Fortunately, these have well-understood string representations that we can use for comparisons. See


compare_proxy(x, path = "x")



An object.




A list with two components:

  • object: the modified object

  • path: an updated path showing what modification was applied